NSF Center
for Nano and Micro-
contamination Control

Egan Research Center

Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

phone: 617.373.6012
fax: 617.373.3266

Speakers and Presentations

Stephen Beaudoin, Purdue University

Laura Mauer, SSEC
Beyond Brush Scrubbing for Particle Removal

Rick Reidy, University of North Texas

Rakash Singh, Entegris
New developments in performance characterization of Post CMP Cleaning Consumables

Dongsik Kim, Postech University
Analysis of the laser shock cleaning process for nanoscale particle removal

Jingoo Park, Hanyang University
Effect of Additives on Post Ru CMP Cleaning and Dispersion Stability of Ru CMP Slurry

Taehoon Kim, Northeastern University
Nanoparticle Removal with Refined Wet Laser-induced Shockwave Cleaning

Abbas Rastegar, Sematech
Water diffusion in EUV LTEM substrates and MoSi multilayer coated blanks

Pegah Karimi, Northeastern University
Removal of Nanoparticles from Submicron Trenches

Hong Liang, Texas A&M University
Surfactant concentration and Post-CMP Cleaning

Norbert Koster, TNO Science and Industry
New options with plasma

Gerhard Liebel, PVA TEPLA AG
High quality surface cleaning and conditioning for semiconductor substrates using advanced microwave plasma source technology

Jack Kuo, Novellus Systems
Defect reduction through pressure differential minimization between load locks and chamber

Takashi Hattori, Sony
Stripping and Cleaning of High-Dose Ion Implanted Photoresists Using a Single-wafer, Single Chamber, Dry/Wet Hybrid System

Annie Xia, Entegris
Controlled DI water gasification system for advanced semiconductor cleaning processes

Dr. H. Sohn, Akrion Systems
Simultaneous Removal of Particles from Front and Backsides by A Single Wafer Backside Megasonic System